Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today's Studio Time Project

I am working on a series of bird cards cut from lino block.  This one features a wren.  A wren signifies joy; that's why I chose the wren, plus they are cute as can be.  I've also done the swallow.  Swallows signify good fortune.  I believe they symbolize good fortune because they return year after year.  We think we are lucky to have a barn full of swallows.  They keep our insect population in check and are thrilling and fun to watch as they dive and swoop in the farm yard.

I envision four birds in the series to make a set.  I am enjoying the process so much I may end up making more.  Today I used easy cut lino block, a pink plastic material.  It is easier to cut than linoleum block and easier to turn to make details pop and well as make lines. 

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