Monday, September 26, 2011

Autumn Brings Changes in Schedule

When it's nice outside, I fight the urge to sit down at my sewing machine and have some fun with fabric.  We've already had our first frost, and are in a rainy, gray (read gloomy) patch of weather, so now I can go  upstairs to my sewing room with knowledge that I am not missing a thing in the outside world.  I like to take an occasional sewing class too, to learn something new, be exposed to new projects and ideas. 
Here's my latest creation, a neck purse, which I made featuring cat fabric.  The one I made for myself uses oriental fabrics.  I know I will use the purse when I travel.  It is an attractive, handy spot for passport, credit card, some folding bills.  I also think I'll use it for the occasional outdoor art show or festival that I like to attend.  What is extra special about this neck purse is that I made the cording too, on my handy-dandy little serger.  It matches the fabric exactly and feels soft and gentle on the skin.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Artful Living

Being an artist means living a beautiful life.  Art making is not all about paintings, sculpture, or photos.  Sometimes art making is jelly from the yard's plum trees and grape vines.  The color alone is enough to send me off into heaven.  The taste, well the taste is brimming with fat sweet Concord grapes and plump red plums waiting to burst out of their skin.  Put them together and apply them to home made buttermilk pancakes, and we are living a life fit for royalty.

Monday, September 19, 2011

What is different about the first picture from the second? Can you spot my changes?


The answer:  I wasn't happy with the contrast between the flowers and the background.  I went in with a diluted Titan Buff and softened the background so that the flowers stand out.  I also added dimensional elements to a few of the flowers.

Do you think I improved this piece of mixed media artwork? 

Swallow Nest Art Gallery Collection on Etsy