Friday, June 10, 2011

Making Paper Beads

Part of day's work

Step One-cut paper into strips, triangle shaped.

I made some one inch beads.  Make one inch marks on one edge, turn the paper over, start one-half inch from that edge, mark one inch ticks, then connect the lines.

I use PVA glue.

Roll the strips on wooden skewer or knitting needle.

Apply glue on the tail and wrap around.

Once the beads have dried, varnish with matte or gloss varnish.  My drying rack is shown in photo #1, a board with straight nails pounded in rows.

I like to have a supply of beads available for embellishments on future projects.  Possible uses are in mixed media projects, on cloth banners, to add to knitted purses, and even jewelry.  They're fun to make and once you get into a rhythm, the work goes quickly.  It's fascinating to see a magazine page of photos become an interesting design on a bead.

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