Thursday, July 7, 2011

Staying Balanced

I can't remember the exact day, but one day late last summer I realized something:  I was over-committed and not only had I signed up for more than I could handle, I was not enjoying running from "hurry-up-and-get-this-done" so I could do "the-next-thing", but my whole life felt out of whack.  Call me obsessive compulsive if you like, but I like it best when my house is somewhat orderly and clean.  I like to sit down to eat my own cooking and not have to leap up and go on to the next task at hand. I also like to open closets and not be overwhelmed by what I see.  If I want to bake some cracked wheat berry bread, I want my schedule to allow me to do so. 

What I decided on that day in late summer was that I would fulfill my commitments, but learn from my zeal to be fully engaged as an artist.  I vowed to be mindful of what I signed up for in the future, and as time permitted, dig myself out of my hole. 

I made my To-Do List in January.  Yesterday I crossed off the last item. 

Some of the items on my list were not simple.  Reformatting two books so I could publish them on various book sites as ebooks took months of work.  I finished a quilt I gave as a gift.  Some were one day projects, like wash and wax my living room and dining room floor.  In the meantime, life kept flowing by, and I kept working on getting caught up. 

Voila!  The list is done; my life is manageable once again, and I am one happy woman.  Until I forget the lesson learned, I am going to continue living a life in balance:  work a little, play a little, do nothing a little, socialize a little, cook a little, and enjoy every second of this precious life.  I don't have to do it all, nor do I have to do it right now.  I'm going to do what I can, what I love, and live in the moment.
Nothing better than a finished To-Do List

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